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Got your Ticket to ride with Thunder Sixty-Six?

Experience the spectacular red rock views of Sedona like never before! We provide the only vintage-inspired Indian motorcycle sidecar tour in the world. Riding in a sidecar offers breathtaking 360 degree views; far surpassing the viewing capabilities of that in a car or jeep.

Why ride with Thunder Sixty-Six?

The tours are Chauffeur driven (no motorcycle license required) so you have all the fun while we do the work! With the exhilaration of the ride, the wind in your hair, and the unique opportunity to experience the magnificent views of Sedona in a way that only we can provide, you just can’t pass this up. We are proud to exclusively ride Indian Motorcycles, Americas first motorcycle manufacturer. Join us in the future for a ride through the past in a landscape as old as time itself. Bring a friend or come alone to help us reinvigorate this American past-time!